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Why MRC?

Unlocking growth opportunities for lead buyers and sellers

Lead buyers want quality mortgage leads from sustainable sources. Lead sellers want to maximize their web traffic through higher conversion and increased sales. Mortgage Research Center is creating a world for both.

MRC for Lead Buyers

  • Quality lead forms create quality leads that are ready to connect to a lender at submission.
  • Capture the homebuyer first, and take back control of your business. A majority of our leads indicate they do not yet have a real estate agent.
  • Get your leads in real-time through integrations with your lead management system, CRM and email.
  • Strengthen your brand through our marketing services. Showcase your name, logo and star reviews and create instant homebuyer connections.
  • Grow your business, while keeping yourself and your team compliant and safe. MRC is committed to proper licensing and compliant lead sales in 50 states, plus the District of Columbia.

MRC for Lead Sellers

  • Expand your sales to all 50 states. MRC is fully licensed in 50 states, plus the District of Columbia. We sell your leads to compliant lenders across the country.
  • Gain access to lead forms with thousands of hours of usability and conversion research. We create TCPA-compliant, responsive forms for desktop, mobile and tablet.
  • Strengthen brand trust by keeping users on-site. We work with you to fully integrate our lead forms within your own site, never directing your traffic elsewhere.
  • Stay relevant. We continuously run tests through our owned and operated sites, learning from real users in real time. We push out successful lead form optimizations to clients.

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